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Account Protection Guide
Views : 7982|Date : 06-14-2013

Recently, there are some users who have requested for reparation of damages caused by account hacking. There are many external issues which compromise account security such as use of illegal programs, phishing sites, account trading and sharing, use of public PC, and many others. Please refer to the following guidelines on how to keep your personal information online secured and protect yourself from the threats of account hacking.

■ Change Your Password Frequently

We urge our users to change password right away after reading this notice.  We encourage everyone to frequently change password to ensure the account's safety.  Last March 20, 2012, Joymax has applied a system which reminds our users to change password regularly. 
Likewise, we also encourage our users to create a strong and unique set of password for Joymax account.   Do not use an easy-to-guess password, and a randdom misture of letters and characters.  Refrain from using common words, real names or real life numbers or words similar to your character or account id.

■ Make use of MOTP Service

Joymax offers Mobile One Time Password Service or MOTP as an additional security option for users who have iOS or Android devices.  If you have iOS or Android devices, please activate the service.   The service is free, and user only needs to install the application in his/her device and get the OTP Number when logging into the Game and Joymax Portal site.
We highly recommend the use of MOTP as this will greatly minimize any risks and possibility of account theft and in-game hacking.
For details regarding the service, kindly refer to the Joymax MOTP Service page: https://www.joymax.com/member/property_front.aspx?workurl=https://membercp.joymax.com/MOTP/MotpInfo.aspx

■ Do not use Illegal Programs or Bots

Do not use any illegal programs or bots alongside Silkroad Online Game client and do not use any tools to alter the client.
For Silkroad Online and Silkroad-R, programs such as Sbot, agbot, Mbot, phBot, ibot, sroking etc. are ILLEGAL. Joymax does not recommend the use of multiclients, autoloaders, autobuff, auto grind, autobuff, autoquest, simulators, etc. as these are usually bundled with trojans or keyloggers that will compromise your account information.
Furthermore, players do not need any program/ bots or multiclients to execute the game. Any claims by the software provider that their program is official, or accepted by Joymax , is just a marketing tactic. Use of illegal programs or bots only makes the player vulnerable to identity and account theft.

■ Use Email Verification system and secure your registered Email account

Protect the information of the email address that is associated to your Joymax account. Exercise effort in securing your email address and change its password frequently. If anyone gains access to the email address, hacker can easily retrieve the details of your Joymax account.
Do not post the email address that is associated to your Joymax account on your blog site, social network sites, social media sites and community forums. Moreover, we recommend to our users to use a separate email for your Joymax account and when registering for other websites.
Like password, you may also periodically change the email associated to your Joymax account at the Joymax portal. 

■ Secure your online profile

Many internet users keep their account information identical in several different sites they are registered in. Do not use similar account details (User ID, password, secret question) for your online accounts. When your personal information is exposed online, it might endanger your other online accounts including your Joymax account.
Try to search your own information on search engines and social networking sites and see which of your personal information are exposed to unknown users.  Do not use any of these information to your password, secondary passcode (for SRO and SROR), secret answer, and/or email associated to your Joymax account.

■ Do not purchase any gold from gold selling sites nor avail of any power leveling services.

We advise our users NOT to have transactions with Gold Selling/ Gold buying sites, and companies that offer power leveling and silk charge services. Keep in mind that Joymax is NOT affiliated with any gold selling or power leveling sites. Use of their services might jeopardize your account as these companies usually ask for account credentials to complete transactions and track information of the users (Account ID, Personal information, IP address etc.). After a period of time, these companies can regain access to your account and steal your account and/or character items.

■ Do not share account information

A rule of thumb to follow is DO NOT SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION to anyone. Never ask others to play on your behalf and do not share your password to individuals even friends, guild members etc. Even if your computer is secured, your account can be compromised if the PC of the user whom you have shared your account with is compromised. Moreover, severed personal or in-game relations may also give rise to account theft.

■ Do not purchase or trade Game accounts 

Sale and purchase of Game accounts are illegal and is a violation of Joymax Terms of Use. Joymax does not recommend purchase of old accounts as unscrupulous sellers can retrieve the account since they know the user id, secret answer, and other account information.

■ Be Cautious of Phishing Sites and beware of phishing emails 

Do not enter malicious websites that might install keyloggers in your system. Avoid visiting phishing sites that imitate Joymax portal and ask to enter personal information. 
Always double check if websites are correct and redirects to the official Joymax web address. Below are the official domains of Joymax Games:


Any modifications regarding the Joymax web addresses will be announced on our Official website.

Also, do not open phishing emails that imitate Joymax Customer Support or GMs. Do not open suspicious emails, files or attachments from unknown sources. Joymax will not send emails asking for your account information unless you have contacted Support regarding some services.
If you discover any suspicious websites or mails which demand you to share your personal information, please report immediately to Joymax Customer Support. Similarly, if someone claims to be working for Joymax and asks for your account information, please report to us.

We would also like to inform our players the following is the official list of GMs of Joymax Games:

[Silkroad Online and Silkroad-R]

[GM]Tarky, [GM]Nethore, [GM]Kaisys
[GM]Nezhakan, [GM]Rivaer, [GM]Sherato
[GM]Balacas, [GM]Riobena, [GM]Lavirik
[GM]Monterato, [GM]Ardoris, [GM]Papurion
[GM]VampArikel, [GM]Niferin, [GM]Livain
[GM]Azciel, [GM]Cindiena, [GM]Elizhia
[GM]Gemellus, [GM]Alkestis, [GM]Tarpeius
[GM]Danaos, [GM]Vedius, [GM]Dorsuo
[GM]Scaeva, [GM]Glabrio, [GM]Bellona

Please note that the GMs do not have any Facebook fanpage or the like and will not interact by any other means aside from in-game, and Official Forums.   
Furthermore, Gms will never send any account violation warnings via email, and notice regarding account violation can only be seen when logging into the portal and on client log-in interface.

■    Update Your Browser to the Newest Version 

Web browsers are updated periodically just like any other web operation systems or softwares. Through regular updates, web browsers are enhanced so that users will be armored with latest spam filters. You can visit the official site of web browsers and upgrade or download the newest version suitable to your needs to increase the security of your system.

■ Install Anti-Virus Program, Anti-Spyware Programs in Your PC 

In order to keep your PC safe and secure, you must eliminate all viruses, keyloggers, Trojans and rootkits. The more viruses, key-loggers, and Trojans you have in your PC, higher the chance you will have your account information hacked.

A keylogger (a.k.a keystroke logger) is a program that allows a hacker to secretly track all activities of your computer and automatically sends logs through e-mail or FTP. Same with viruses or trojans, all information such as passwords, email accounts, bank information, credit card number, documents, and other confidential data stored on the infected computer might be hacked.

Please maintain your antivirus and antispyware programs up-to-date so that account theft risks will be reduced. Aside, we also recommend to regularly update your computer operating system, browser plug ins, and other computer software to secure your system from dangers of unsafe cyber environment,

We expect our players to exercise precautions to keep your valuable accounts safe and secured. 

Please start protecting your accounts now, change your password and secure your email and follow the rest of the measures mentioned above.

Likewise, rest assured that Joymax exerts the highest effort to provide a great game environment and to secure your personal account information.

Thank you

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